Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Decorated IKEA Organizer Gift Set Idea

One perk of living close to a big city--is the retail opportunities.  I had been to IKEA while visiting with my sister, but I wasn't able to purchase much because I was flying.

Finding out that IKEA was about an hour away from our new town made me very happy.

While shopping for furniture for my craft loft, I stumbled upon this chipboard Ikea Desk organizer.  As with most things at IKEA, they were reasonably priced for less than $5.00.  I decided to pick up a few with the idea of decorating them with Close to My Heart product.

My first summer themed box went to my husband's sweet secretary.  I went on to make a Christmas, Halloween and a Mermaid themed gift sets.  The options for filling the boxes are endless.  I decided to fill mine with candy, note cards, desk supplies, notebooks, frames, and homemade treats.  Really you can take any theme and fill the boxes with matching gifts.

The desk organizers are called Tjena and come in black or white.  You can order online from IKEA.

You can find fun themed paper at karenleach.ctmh.com.

Happy Crafting!

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