Friday, November 2, 2018

Extra Gum Container Gift Repurpose Idea

My family chews a lot of gum.  Extra spearmint is our flavor of choice and we end up with lots of plastic containers.  I hated the idea of throwing them away, so I decided to come up with an idea to repurpose them.

I measured the inside of the container and cut separate pieces for the front, back, top and sides.  It took me about 10 minutes to finish the whole project. 

I have used the empty ones to hold gift cards and I have even decorated the container filled with gum to use as a small gift.  Who wouldn't like to see this sweet little gift on their desk?

I find some of the most interesting project ideas when I repurpose an item.  It is not only good for my crafting but the environment.

Happy Crafting!

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