Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall Inspiration using Swan Lake

Are you struggling to let summer go?  In denial that school is in full swing and after school activities have filled up your calendar?  Or are you excited for the cooler temperatures and ready to be back into a routine?

If I had to answer that question, I would have to say I am some where in between.  I am excited for the cooler weather, but I guess I am just not ready to say goodbye to the unhurried feeling of summer. I have been working on a few Fall projects in hopes that I can turn the corner and leave summer behind.

If you are struggling to let the carefree days of summer go--hopefully, you will find some Fall crafting inspiration with these simple projects using one of our new paper collections called Swan Lake.  If this doesn't do it, I bet a Pumpkin Spice flavored something or another would do the trick.

Happy Fall to all of my crafting friends!!

Swan Lake Paper Collection

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