Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Beautiful Colors of Fall Using Sangria Paper

I can feel it in the mornings and evening even though the day time temperatures refuse to go below 80 this week.  Fall will be here sooner than later.  In Boise, it is like Mother Nature flips a switch and we go from shorts to pants overnight.

I am looking forward to the leaves changing and the cooler temperatures.

When I attended convention this year, my favorite paper line was the Sangria line.  Sangria includes all of the colors you would think of when you think of Fall.  The richness that the season brings is captured in the Sangria line.  There is a warmness to the line that reminds me of why Thanksgiving is such an important time of year.  A wonderful time to reflect on all that I am grateful for and time with my family.

This month my creative process was a little different from other months.  This year I took a brave leap into a team swap event.  There were approximately nine other paper crafters who made four projects and then repeated those projects nine times.  We mailed all of our projects to the paper coordinator and she bundled all nine projects.  She then mailed all nine different projects back to us so we had a great variety of projects from different crafters.

It was a fun(albeit stressful) project and I was lucky enough to get the Sangria line to work with. Here are the projects I created for my group.

Products I used

Sangria Complements
 Sangria Assortment
Sangria Assortment 
Sangria Paper Packet
Sangria Paper Packet

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